The Politics of Real Estate– with Liz Matory

S2Ep13 Liz Matory-4Author and Congressional Candidate Liz Matory discusses the role that local and federal government can play in housing.  Learn how government programs, like subsided housing, can be used for political reasons.

Tune in to hear Liz’s fascinating story about her own journey into politics.  As a Washington, DC native, she grew up accustomed to a singular political viewpoint. However, her experiences led her to switch parties and make the decision to run for office in Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District in 2018. Her upbringing fueled her lifelong commitment to serve her community and country.

Liz is author of “Born Again Republican,” of which she writes about her experiences and how political parties can diminish the power of the voters through partisan gerrymandering.

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What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How politics affects housing
  • What ‘red lining’ means
  • Liz Matory’s personal journey into politics
  • What Liz says was the reason her political views changed
  • How subsidized housing is used as a political tool
  • The impact of ‘gerrymandering’

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