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How To Win In Multiple Offers with Conor Stueckler

S2Ep7_ How to win in multiple offers with Conor Stueckler-2 RE/MAX One Realtor Conor Stueckler offers  home buyers three top secrets on how to win in a bidding war. Working within a top NYC real estate team, he learned negotiating skills that help his clients be triumphant when competing against multiple offers. Returning to his hometown roots, he brought his real estate expertise to selling real estate in Maryland. Conor found that whether it’s condos in NYC or colonial homes in the suburbs, buyers should keep in mind several things in order to have the best chance at getting the property when there are multiple offers. Tune in to hear the secrets to his success in helping his clients get a sought-after home. He shares three top secrets that he employs that can make all the difference when home buyers encounter a bidding war.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • The #1 thing home buyers should do to get the home of their dreams
  • Three secrets to winning the bidding war on a home
  • What types of homes are garnering multiple offers
  • What properties in a large city and homes in the suburbs both have in common
  • How does the buyer’s agent factor into the winning offer
  • Learn the terms of a contract that can give you the edge over other offers
  • What is a post-settlement occupancy, and how it can sweeten your offer

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