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Stressed About Moving? How To Make It Easier, with Brenda Reynolds

Are you stressed out from moving—or even thinking about moving? Best selling author Brenda Reynolds can help you make moving a whole lot easier! Reynolds has worked with hundreds of business and organizational leaders to find clarity in times of transition. And, her passion for helping people in times of major life transitions–includes helping people during the stress of moving. Reynolds has done an exclusive TEDx talk called, “Navigating Transition Fog,” offering insight on how to move from one life transition to another with the greatest of ease.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • The three stages of transitional change while moving
  • Why people can be very emotional while moving
  • Stories of divorcing home sellers dealing wth high stress levels
  • How to reduce your stress level during a move
  • How a card game can help ease your stress level while moving

Resources in This Episode:

  • Find Brenda K Reynolds: Website |Facebook|Twitter
  • TBD — To Be Determined: How to Find Clarity and Confidence in Uncertain Times by Brenda K Reynolds

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