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Play It Safe–Unless You Want To Reinvent Your Life! –with Lucetta Zaytoun

Lucetta Zaytoun Learn how to steer your inner fear into taking bold action that will help reinvent your life. You’ll hear ways to push past the comfort of playing it safe in order to buy your first home, buy investment property–or simply do something you want to do but have been afraid to do. Host Patti Stueckler shares how she pushed past her own fear to buy back her first home at a courthouse auction. Certified Life and Authentic Leadership Coach and International Speaker Lucetta Zaytoun shares tips on fear busting to create the life you’ve dreamed of. At age 50, after a painful marital breakup, she traveled to Africa, jumped off the world’s highest bungee bridge, kissed a giraffe, and even ate a tarantula. Lucetta chronicled her journey to reinvent herself in her memoir, “It’s Already Tomorrow Here.”  She’s also the author of “Your Amazing Itty Bitty Fear Busting Book: 15 Ways To Push Past Fear.” Listen to the Full Episode:


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  • How to change your ‘fear mindset’
  • Lucetta shares stories of her wild adventures in Africa
  • Why men buy more investment property than women
  • How millennials buy homes differently than older generations
  • Patti’s shares how she bought back her first home
  • Why fear is stupid 98% of the time
  • How to steer your fear into positive action

Resources in Today’s Episode:


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