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Once-Paralyzed Horse Rider Invents Pain Relieving Apparel

Best S3Ep7_ Once-Paralyzed Horseback Rider Invents Pain Relieving Apparel-2A near-fatal horse riding accident changed Kat Chrysostom’s life forever. At just 20 years old, she suffered a triple fracture of the C-2 vertebrae. Paralyzed, she lay in the hospital as doctors discussed surgery that would leave her never to walk again. In Kat’s book “Broken to Branded,” she shares how she fought to rebuilt her life and her health. Kat’s journey lead her to seek natural remedies for the pain that she endured after the accident. Through rigorous research, Kat discovered how electromagnetism can be a natural healing remedy and how it helps joint and muscle stiffness, edema, and circulatory disorders – both in the human and animal body. She then founded Benefab® by Sore No-More® after discovering the holistic benefits of red light therapy. This far-infrared light therapy promotes natural pain relief, anti-inflammation and increased mobility. Kat’s company offers a variety of healing products for people and horses, and will soon offer products for dogs.

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