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Lead Paint Dangers In NEW Homes With Kate Kirkwood

S2Ep11_ Kate Kirkwood Author and lead paint expert Kate Kirkwood shares the risks of lead poisoning in homes–even new ones. Her book, Skylar Learns About Lead Poisoning teaches children how to stay safe from the dangers of lead. Kate also teaches parents about lead poisoning in, A Parent’s 5 Step Guide To Lead Poisoning: Lead Paint, Clear And Simple.  New homes can have lead too. Kate reveals some surprising ways that lead can enter your home. And, the effects of lead poisoning can be deadly. She’ll explain what to look for, and how to test for lead in your home. Kate also offers advice on whether you should remove the lead, or simply manage it.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • What are the effects of lead poisoning?
  • How even new homes can have lead
  • The dangers of Grandma’s heirlooms
  • What certifications should contractors have to remove lead
  • Tips on safely cleaning and painting in old homes
  • Which lead testing kits are approved by the EPA
  • When to remove lead in your home or manage it
  • How to safely manage lead in your home
  • What realtors should know about lead in homes

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