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Ep #000: Your Introduction to The Pitbull Patti Show

PBP000 Welcome to the introductory episode of The Pitbull Patti Show! In today’s kickoff episode, Patti opens up to share about her background, why she’s doing the show and what you can expect as a listener in future episodes. Patti shares a touching story about her favorite music video and the journey of the main character to find a community where she feels like she truly belongs and is supported to be her genuine self. This podcast is designed to be your virtual community of supportive, likeminded people all on a similar journey in life, and will serve as a resource and guide for you along your way. Listen in to hear the experiences that shaped Patti and brought her to where she is now, and what she’ll be sharing on this podcast to serve as a powerfully educational resource for you and community of empowerment with straight-shooting dialog and stories.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How Patti got the nickname Pitbull Patti, and why it stuck
  • The history of pitbulls how their personalities and qualities reflect the
  • The value of a community of likeminded, supportive people
  • How this podcast will serve as your virtual mastermind community and what you can expect from this show
  • What a coffee klatch is, and why studies show the typical modern person can grow significantly by participating in one
  • Patti’s upbringing, family and husband and how these elements shaped the woman she’s become and their work together
  • The struggles and successes her family has been through and the opportunities that came out of sticking together and forging through those struggles with a shared vision
  • Why Patti went hang gliding and the lesson she learned from this incredible and terrifying experience

Ideas Worth Sharing:

[spp-tweet tweet=”This podcast is for thirsty horses, people who want to engage and expand their mind… – @PattiStueckler”] [spp-tweet tweet=”Time is finite. You can’t make more of it and you can’t buy it. – @PattiStueckler”] [spp-tweet tweet=”In order to do anything great, you first must feel fear…  – @PattiStueckler”]

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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