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House Hunting Trends–What Do Millennials Want? with Haley Stueckler Hoyt

S2Ep1 Haley Hoyt Season 2 kicks off with guest and millennial realtor, Haley Stueckler Hoyt. Hoyt discusses trends in what the newest home buyers want in the housing market. She is a licensed realtor in Maryland and has a degree in psychology. Hoyt offers insight on what motivates millennials to buy a home, and how it differs from previous generations. Tune in to hear tips, trends, and real estate stories that help you make homeownership your most profitable investment.

Listen to the Full Episode:


What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What millennials want in a home that baby boomer’s didn’t
  • What it’s like to work with first-time homebuyers
  • Why ‘the experience’ of home buying is important to people under 35
  • The top three tips in selling homes to millennials
  • Advice to first-time home buyers on how to pick the right home
  • Where the top three cities are that have the highest millennial homeownership

Ideas Worth Sharing:

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