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Ep #002: From The Tragedy of Loss To a Trajectory of Hope with Kristiane Cates

PBP002 bookcoverrealoneIt’s amazing how drastically a person’s life can change forever in a matter of seconds. Today’s podcast guest, Kristiane Cates authored The Golden Thread as a memoir of her experience as the picturesque lifestyle of having a husband, two beautiful children, great jobs and the white picket fence all changed in a matter of seconds when her son perished in a car accident with her at the wheel. Kristiane shares the experience every mother dreads and while the subject matter is heavy, it’s led to many beautiful things and a hugely empowering impact for others going through their life challenges. In today’s interview you’ll hear the depths and challenges that this has brought into Kristiane’s life and the subsequent process of taking life one day at a time and stepping into her passionate message of supporting others enduring their own challenges. Tune in to today’s episode below to hear the full story of how Kristiane’s life changed drastically in only a few seconds, and the truly inspiring path this experience has lead to including the powerful life lessons she shares from her journey. Click below to hear the full episode.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The touching story about the 30 seconds that changed Kristiane’s life forever.
  • Kristiane’s experience of analyzing the traumatic event afterward with questions like “Why me?”, “How did this happen?”, “This happened to somebody else.”
  • The logistical arrangements that need to be made amidst a crisis and how Kristiane dealt with the process for 48 hours after the crash.
  • The role faith played in Kristiane’s experience, in processing the grief, and how it transitioned into a trajectory of hope.
  • The story of the pennies and how this tiny miracle of pennies showing up everywhere became a healing power and a unifying experience for Kristiane and her daughter.
  • When Kristiane hit her spiritual ‘breaking point’ and how it lead to a daily step forward to get up and re-embrace life with passion.
  • What the phrase “The Golden Thread” means and how it connects to your power in this world.
  • The role fear played as Kristiane wrote her book and the impact her message has had for readers as they face their life challenges.
  • Kristiane’s morning routine and what she says to herself while looking in the mirror that sets her on the right path for the day.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

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  1. Sandra Richardson on 10/31/2017 at 1:30 PM

    I don’t recall if the author said how long ago it was that the accident occurred. My daughter was murdered 16years ago. Strangled to death and her body thrown in a shed and not found for two weeks. I marvel how people put their lives back together because I was never able to do that. I wish the author all the best and pray she continues on with her life with meaning to it.

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