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Flipping Houses–How Not to Get Into IRS Trouble with Attorney Mark Lynch

S2Ep5_ Flipping Houses--How NOT to get into IRS Trouble, with Mark Lynch, Esq. Have you ever wanted to flip houses like you see on HGTV? A lot of people do. But do you know how to do without getting into trouble with the IRS? This episode will teach you all the ways that people have gotten into trouble, and how you can avoid costly mistakes. Attorney Mark Lynch discusses what involves illegal flipping, and offers great advice on how you can stay out of legal trouble when flipping properties. Mark Lynch is the principal attorney at the Lynch Law Group in Annapolis, MD. He gives seminars on the ethics of flipping, but also on many other real estate topics, including title insurance policies. Lynch has authored many publications, including, “Flipping Real Estate–The HUD Response” and “Will IRS Knock On Your Door–The Fraud Epidemic.” Listen to the Full Episode:


What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • The dangers of illegal flipping
  • What constitutes illegal flipping
  • Whether you can legally buy a property without taking title
  • How people cut corners when flipping
  • What regulations did FHA enact for flipping
  • The responsibility realtors have when selling investment property
  • Advice on how best to make money in flipping

Resources in This Episode:

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