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Is It Fair To Ignore Your Clients? How To Balance Life & Real Estate—with Jane Jenkins Herlong

S2Ep18_Jane Jenkins Herlong Is it fair to ignore your clients? Southern Humorist and Author Jane Jenkins Herlong discusses how to find balance between life and your real estate career. She shares four tips that she learned as a former Miss South Carolina in the Miss America Pageant. Jane’s authored four motivational books that use humor and true stories to inspire and to make you laugh. Her books include; “Bare Feet to High Heels,” “What Ta-Tas Teach Us,” “Bury Me With My Pearls,” and “Rhinestones On My Flip-Flops.”  As a certified speaker, Jane gives motivational speeches across the country. Her talk, “Don’t Throw Tomatoes In My Field Of Dreams,” helps inspire women realtors and entrepreneurs by using some fundamental beauty pageant principles. These principles include how to communicate through listening and finding your talent.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Patti shares a story of how she discovered her own personality type
  • How to communicate through listening to your clients
  • When ‘No’ means ‘Next!’
  • The importance of honesty in what you can deliver
  • How not to get consumed by your business
  • The importance of Sundays
  • When to ‘plow up a crop and start over– and when to just plow through
  • Overcoming the biggest challenges for women in sales
  • Why it’s necessary to keep up with technology
  • Finding the personal touch in the dream-building business of sales

Resources In this Episode:

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