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Ep#018: Financial Planner Gives Advice On Long Term Care For Family Members–With Penelope Tzougros

EP #018 - Penelope Tzougros Every 67 seconds, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s. Are you financially prepared if your spouse or an elderly parent needs care? In this episode, you’ll get financial advice on how to best prepare or handle existing problems with taking care of loved ones. Today’s guest, Penelope Tzougros, is a financial planner, speaker, and author.  She’s written two books on financial planning, had a radio show for many years and hosted a TV show called ‘Money Makeover.’ Tune in to hear how Penelope learned to deal with her own mother’s care, and how much it cost the family. She gives advice on how to plan for a family member’s long term care.

Listen to the Full Episode:


What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How much it costs for health care over your life time
  • Where to get information about each state’s cost of care
  • Who is the most likely family member to care for elderly parents
  • What the difference is between medicare and medicaid
  • The importance of understanding the long-term insurance contract
  • What are the top two factors of life expectancy

Resources In Today’s Episode:

  • Find Penelope Tzougros: LinkedIn Facebook
  •  “Wealthy Choices: Seven Compentencies of Financial Success– Getting What You Want with What Your Have” by Penelope Tzougros
  •  “Long-Term Care Insurance: How to Make Decisions That Are Right For You” by Penelope Tzougros


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