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Ep#017 How to Dial Down The Drama With Your Teenage Daughter

EP #017_ Can 15 Minutes a day change your relationship? Colleen O'Grady In this episode, you’ll learn techniques on how to have a great relationship with your teenage daughter. Family therapist and author of the best seller, “Dial Down The Drama: Reducing Conflict And Reconnecting With Your Teenage Daughter— A Guide For Mothers Everywhere,” Colleen O’Grady teaches how 15 minutes a day can make all the difference. She sheds light on just what is going on in the teenage brain.

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What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  • How 15 minutes a day can change your mother-daughter relationship for the better.
  • Why it’s important to rediscover the lost art of ‘hanging out.’
  • Tips on how to show your daughter a different side to yourself…and why it’s important
  • Do young girls today have it tougher than their parent’s generation?
  • What percentage of teenage girls experience anxiety issues or depression.
  • Are boys just as likely to experience depression or anxiety?
  • Three reasons kids are so stressed out.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

[spp-tweet tweet=”That is the golden moment, to shut the computer and just be present. – @poweryourparent] [spp-tweet tweet=”When you see someone emotionally flooded, that’s when you see drama girl. – @poweryourparent”]

Resources in This Episode:

  • Find Collen O’Grady: Website
  • Dial Down The Drama: Reducing Conflict And Reconnecting With Your Teenage Daughter—A Guide For Mothers Everywhere by Colleen O’Grady
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