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Ep#015 Have You Ever Felt Like A Blank Page? Dr Barbara Plasker Offers Advice On Designing Your Life’s Masterpiece

PItbull Patti Ep #015 Have you ever felt like a blank page and didn’t know what your life’s calling was? Or, have you thought you were too old to start a new career or go back to school? Dr Barbara Plasker will inspire you that it’s never too late to find yourself–or reinvent yourself. As an author, speaker, and life coach she offers great advice and wisdom on how to discover your life’s purpose. At 40, Plasker earned her master’s degree, and at age 56, her doctorate. At age 64, her employer downsized and she started a new career until ‘retiring’ at age 75. Since then, she has helped coach people in her ‘It’s Never Too Late to Bloom’ workshops and authored her book. “Simple Ways to Transform your Life: Lessons Learned by a Late Bloomer.” Tune in to today’s episode to hear tips on setting a new course for your life–no matter what your age.

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What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  • Barbara’s inspiring story of how she continued to grow and pursue her dreams well into middle age, and even her senior years.
  • How Barbara described herself as a ‘dot on a page’ at age 35.
  • After losing both her parents and multiple other friends & family between 25-35, she decided to seek help.
  • Tips on how you can get ‘unstuck’ in your life.
  • The importance of getting ‘uncomfortable.’
  • How to discover what your life’s passion is.

Resources in This Episode:

  • Find Barbara Plasker: Website
  • Simple Ways To Transform Your Life: Lessons Learned by a Late Bloomer by Barbara Plasker
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