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Ep #011: Taking On the Fight to Keep Music Alive With Vincent James

Today’s guest is not only a talented musician and songwriter, but also a speaker and author who has been interviewed on over 80 radio stations across the country. Co-founder of the non-profit organization Keep Music Alive, Vincent James has made it his mission to help bring music to school age children and promote the value of music in therapy and in overall happiness. His book, 88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life, also shares the amazing power of music in its collection of over 100 inspirational music-related stories from around the world, including anecdotes from many celebrities. Tune in to hear what Vincent says is killing the future of music and why it’s so important to fight to keep it alive.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Three trends that are killing the future of music.
  • Benefits that come with playing music.
  • What inspired the creation of Keep Music Alive.
  • The best advice Vincent has ever received.
  • How music changed famous drummer Simon Kirke’s life.
  • The habit that contributes to Vincent’s success.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

[spp-tweet tweet=”What we’re learning from research is just how important music education really is for kids and how it parlays them into being successful in all the other subjects. – Vincent James”] [spp-tweet tweet=”The reason {Keep Music Alive does} all this is because of the many benefits that music offers—the health benefits, the social benefits, the educational benefits. If we can get more people—kids and adults—playing music, we feel that’s a good thing. – Vincent James”] [spp-tweet tweet=”I don’t see kids growing up today really appreciating the value that went into music. They enjoy it, sure, but they didn’t have to part with anything of value to enjoy it the way they do today. – Vincent James”]

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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