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Ep #007: A Purpose Driven Life With Musician Frank Shiner

PBP 007 Life can throw a lot of heartache, stress and pressure your way and often dreams are shut down and creativity is suppressed in order to enter survival mode. What happens when your passions wake up or life gives you opportunities to express yourself and go after your goals again? Well, according to Frank Shiner, you need to just express it and get it out. He has faced his fair share of hard times and has come out of it joyful, full of fun and success. Frank is now here to share his inspiring story along with some wisdom and insight as to how you can also open back up your passions and expressions. With a heart full of compassion and a mind that needs a specific direction, Frank has landed himself in a sweet spot where he is performing and recording and able to give away the proceeds to charity. After hitting a rough spot financially and later finding out his wife had cancer, he had pretty much thrown away his dream to be an entertainer to pursue a steady income and put his family first. Frank discusses how he internalized this and then how he much later was able to find his way back into the music scene. Frank talks about the dark side to suppressing creativity and the importance of allowing yourself to express yourself. He also talks about managing priorities and keeping things fun and light hearted. Frank also shares how faith and conviction affect how he does business and manages his life. He also talks about the life changing advice someone shared with him that changed his thinking.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How you can squash your desires and yet they will still come back later.
  • How to turn any negative into a positive.
  • How he managed fear and eased into his music career after years not pursuing it.
  • How he does his own take of songs by bringing out a fresh side rather than overdoing it.
  • How he keeps things light and fun in his music career.
  • How he has found purpose in his passion and found a way to give back.
  • How faith and his conviction affects how he does business.
  • His best advice on how to go stop squashing your expression and let out what’s inside of you.
  • The life changing advice that helped his mind shift to a better place.
  • Why he summersaults into bed and keeps things fun.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

[spp-tweet tweet=”It’s funny how you can play tricks on yourself and you can squash something- squash your creativity or squash you know, your inner desires for a period of time until they rear their head again. – @frankshinersing”] [spp-tweet tweet=”It has got to have a purpose and it’s got to be fun. – @frankshinersing”] [spp-tweet tweet=”Just express it. If it’s meant to be and it’s meant to go further than that, it will but just express it because you’ll feel better. – @frankshinersing”]

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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