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Ep #004: Preparing For Your Financial Future With Rodger Friedman

Do you have a plan for when you retire? Not an idealistic notion of spending all day fishing or relaxing on a beach—I’m talking about a full financial plan that will ensure you have enough money even after you’re no longer receiving a paycheck. Today’s podcast guest, Rodger Friedman, is an expert in financial planning who urges each and every one of us to get this type of plan in place as soon as possible. In this episode, Rodger shares what he’s learned during his thirty years as a wealth manager, as well as insights from his two books, Forging Bonds of Steel: How To Build A Successful And Lasting Relationship With Your Financial Advisor and Fire Your Retirement Planner: You!: Concise Advice On How To Join the $100,000 Retirement Club This interview is chock full of great advice that you don’t want to miss. You’ll learn what we should all be doing to prepare for retirement and how to start planning for your financial future today. Listen to the Full Episode: [spp-player]

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The best way to prepare for retirement.
  • What percentage of your income you should be saving.
  • Why relying on one source of income is risky.
  • Options for self-employed people to save for retirement.
  • Why you should hire a professional financial planner.
  • The biggest mistake people make with their finances.
  • Why it’s so important to diversify your funds.
  • Strategies for maximizing your finances for retirement.
  • The worst retirement plan Rodger has ever seen.
  • What you should be doing in addition to putting money into your retirement accounts.
  • The biggest frightening truth of retirement—other than inflation.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

[spp-tweet tweet=”You want to engineer some ways to get some tax-free money, as well. – Rodger Friedman”] [spp-tweet tweet=”There are no wrong strategies, except speculation and lottery tickets. – Rodger Friedman”] [spp-tweet tweet=”I would guard against putting all your eggs into retirement baskets. – Rodger Friedman”]

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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