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Downsizing: Why Less Is More! With Rita Wilkins

RitaWilkins Want to simplify your life and have more money and time? ‘ The Downsizing Designer’ Rita Wilkins teaches you where to start, and why less is more. Rita’s life changed forever after a trip to Africa. This experience led to her own downsizing journey. Within a few years, she had let go of 95% of her things. Having less stuff’ led to more time, money and happiness. Rita designed interiors of homes throughout the country, from kitchens and baths, to corporate penthouses, to supreme court justice chambers. She attended Rhode Island School of Design and graduated from University of Rhode Island. She’s received many design awards, and is a renowned expert and speaker on baby boomer lifestyles and downsizing. She has a TEDx talk to her credit, entitled, “Downsizing Your Life: Why Less Is More.” Rita is founder and president of Design Services Ltd and author of “Life Changing Lifestyle: Live More, Love more, Matter More.” Tune in to hear her story, and tips on where to start if you’d like to lighten your own load. Rita also offers tips on how to evaluate your belongings and just where to get rid of it all. wilkinsListen to the Full Episode:


What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Why less is more
  • What to get rid of –how to evaluate your belongings
  • The ABC’s of Downsizing
  • Why Rita was in Africa and how it changed her life
  • The best way to remember Grandma’s heirlooms
  • The importance of a yellow, linen suit
  • The mindset of a simpler life
  • Resources for getting rid of your unwanted stuff.

Resources In This Episode:


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