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The Deadliest Catch Cameraman Talks Risk And Real Estate

david alan arnold ‘The Deadliest Catch’ helicopter cameraman David Alan Arnold is an Emmy award winning airborne videographer who discusses risk— and real estate.  David has filmed many of television’s top-rated shows including Survivor, American Idol, Amazing Race, the Super Bowl, and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. His first book, “Help From Above: How I Went From Sweeping The Floors To Painting The Sky” is available on Amazon. His second book continues his adventurous journey and will be available in the coming months. David Alan Arnold’s spectacular career started with humble beginnings and his persistence to work hard without complaint. Tune in to hear the death defying stories of The Deadliest Catch cameraman. His journey of persistence and positive attitude will inspire you to reach goals you may have thought were out of reach.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Dave’s ‘Dirty Deal’ of real estate
  • A Life of Danger and what you can learn
  • How the helicopter crew of The Deadliest Catch defied death in the Bering Sea
  • Why risk taking is essential to everyday happiness
  • The importance of adventure
  • A $115,000 lesson learned the hard way

Ideas Worth Sharing:

[spp-tweet tweet=”I don’t fear dying. I fear not living. – @DavidAlanArnold”] [spp-tweet tweet=”Human beings are made to take risks. We’re built for adventure. We’re wired for it. – @DavidAlanArnold”]

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