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How A Dangerous Electrical Panel Caused My House To Catch Fire, And How My Dog Saved My Life! — With Lynn Franklin

S2Ep17_Lynn Franklin Do you know if your home’s electrical panel is safe? Millions of homes have electrical panels that are unsafe fire hazards. Lynn Franklin knows all too well how an electrical panel in your home can ignite a fire. Lynn’s home caught fire in the middle of the night while she and her husband, Jon, were sleeping. If not for their standard poodle, Sam, they likely would have died. A faulty electrical panel was found to be the cause of the fire that destroyed their deck house in Huntingtown, Maryland. Since Lynn lost everything in the fire in 2003, she refers to her life as ‘before fire’ and ‘after fire.’ It took two years to rebuild their home. But, after living through such a traumatic experience, she learned to prioritize the things that mattered most in her life. She began expanding her writing career to include three murder mystery novels, called the Jeweler’s Gemstone Mystery Series. Her novels include: The Blue Diamond, The Pirate’s Ruby, and The Carolina Emerald. Lynn also starting training Sam for dog shows. They began performing dance routines together winning many titles and awards. Lynn lost her beloved dog in 2014, but she continues to dance with her new poodle, nicknamed ‘Dash.’

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • Hear Lynn’s story of the night her home burned
  • What brands of electrical panels are known to be dangerous and should be replaced
  • What years of home building the electrical panels are most commonly found
  • Lynn’s life ‘Before Fire’ and ‘After Fire’
  • The importance of home replacement cost insurance
  • How Lynn dances with her dog
  • The three novels in a murder mystery series that Lynn wrote since the fire
  • How Patti’s cat saved her from a dog

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