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Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff

Learn how to better persuade people and win more deals by using mental ‘framing’ techniques discussed in Oren Klaff’s bestselling book ‘Pitch Anything.’ Hosts Conor and Patti Stueckler analyze a political debate through the lens of framing techniques used by the candidates.

What You Need To Know About Real Estate Investing

Week 8 of the Lit Grit challenge! Host Patti Stueckler, and Conor, discuss “Real Estate Investing” by Eric Tyson & Robert S. Griswold. In this episode,some of the basics found in “Real Estate Investing” are discussed. Listeners who want to learn more about how to invest in real estate are encouraged to read this book…

How To Be Better, Smarter, Faster!

Week 7 of the Lit Grit challenge! Host Patti Stueckler, and Conor, discuss “Smarter Faster Better” by Charles Duhigg. In this episode, they share fascinating stories on how to increase your productivity.

How To Create Your Dream Life By Doing Just ‘One Thing’

Life isn’t about ‘finding’ yourself —It’s about creating the life you’d love to have! In Episode 6 of the Lit Grit Challenge, Patti and Conor discuss Gary Keller’s bestselling book, ‘The One Thing —The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results.’

What Your Personality Type Says About You

Week 5 of the Lit Grit challenge! Patti and Conor discuss, “The Enneagram Made Easy” by Renee Baron and Elizabeth Wagele and learn more about the nine different Enneagram personality types. Can you figure out which one you are?