How To Buy The Land Of Your Dreams–With Reid Lance Rosenthal

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Ever dreamed about owning a farm or ranch, or just land for enjoyment? The Real Estate Cowboy, Reid Lance Rosenthal, shares essential tips about just how to buy the right property.  He teaches how to view the property and to research it for sustainability.

Reid Lance Rosenthal has over 40 years in real estate and a billion dollar plus career that crosses numerous states, three countries, and two continents.  He’s a rancher, real estate conservation expert, radio host and author.   His “Threads West: An America Saga” is a western and romance series that has won over 30 literary awards.  In his nationally acclaimed real estate book, “Land For Love And Money,” he shares real-life truths of shocking attacks on property and property rights.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The critical considerations when buying land
  • The importance of the politics in the state and region
  • How the fiscal shape of an area matters when purchasing land
  • The difficulties of obtaining utilities in some areas
  • Understanding water rights
  • How to protect against fire
  • The importance of neighbors
  • The difference between Schedule A & B in land title
  • Reid’s 94-year old mother’s current real estate career
  • Why Reid began his writing career

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