The Evolution of a Podcast

The Pitbull Patti Show gives voice to real people sharing true stories and great advice. Host Patti Stueckler offers a virtual community that connects people with ideas, and insights that help people with their lives. Season 1 focuses on a variety of topics, offering advice and true stories that will inspire you to expand your thinking and change your life. Season 2 focuses on guiding you through the complex world of all things real estate. Episodes cover a variety of topics on anything that intersects with real estate and your home. You'll learn tips, trends, and true stories that'll help you make smart decisions and avoid costly mistakes. But,The Pitbull Patti Show is always evolving. So, by popular demand, Season 3 returns to a talk show format covering a variety of topics to learn new ideas, hear life-changing stories and be inspired to change your life.
Pitbull Patti