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Take The 'Lit Grit' Challenge!

Develop your inner Pitbull in just one hour a day through the 'Lit Grit' Challenge! 

Season 4 of The Pitbull Patti Show teaches you how to develop your own inner Pitbull and the grit needed for extraordinary success! A tenacity in real estate is why host Patti Stueckler's clients call her 'Pitbull Patti.' And, throughout her career, she realized that most people struggle with similar problems, but have no clue where to find solutions.  What she realized years ago is that the secrets to health, wealth, and happiness can be found within the pages of some of the greatest non-fiction books of our time.

So, Patti invites you to take the 'Lit Grit' Challenge: Reading great Literature for just one hour a day - 52 books in 52 weeks - from her selection of some of the best books written.   You'll learn about personal development, money management, psychology, spirituality, and humanity.  Since the average person spends 1.6 hours a day on social media, she knows you can do this!  Listen to great conversations of Patti, along with her son Conor, as they discuss one book each episode.

Throughout this challenge, you'll learn:

  • How to create Great Habits
  • How to Figure out what you Want in Life, and then set Goals
  • Money Management and Wealth Creation
  • The Power of Influence
  • What your Personality Type is, and How it Affects your Success (or failure)
  • How your Birth Order Affects your Life
  • How to Focus on Things That Matter
Patti Stueckler

About the Host

A tenacity in real estate is why host Patti Stueckler's clients call her 'Pitbull Patti.' She's been a top-producing realtor since 2002, and a featured guest on numerous national radio shows across the country.

She heads up a family team of realtors, Team Stueckler of Keller Williams LLC.  Her team includes her husband John, son Conor, and niece Caitlin.  Patti graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, and worked as a local newspaper reporter prior to her career in real estate.

At the age of 18, Patti's father gave her a book called the 'Be (Happy) Attitudes' by Robert Schuller. This self-help book, along with many others, began her lifelong love of reading non-fiction books.