Real People. True Stories. Frank Talk.

A tenacity in real estate is why podcast host Patti Stueckler's clients call her 'Pitbull Patti.'   But, her background as a  former newspaper reporter led her to want to share tips and true stories that enlighten and inspire listeners. In Season 1, The Pitbull Patti Show covers a variety of topics and interesting guests. As a  successful Re/Max One realtor, Patti narrows the focus to real estate  tips, trends, and true stories in Season 2.  By popular demand, Season 3 returns to a variety of self-help topics and fascinating guests.  Their stories will be sure to entertain and inspire you to change your life.

Some of the wide-ranging topics you'll hear in Season 3:

  • what one woman did after her husband went missing
  • a landlord tells how her tenant committed murder in her home
  • how to making a living doing what you love
  • tips on how to deal with stress
  • how to deal with different religions within a marriage
  • why anyone would run for political office
  • superstars in business and how they succeeded
  • how holistic medicine can help heal your body

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About the host

Patti Stueckler has been a top-producing realtor since 2002, and a featured guest on numerous national radio shows across the country.

She heads up a family team of realtors, Team Stueckler of RE/MAX One.  Her team includes her husband, daughter, son, and niece.  Patti graduated from the University of Maryland with a bachelor's degree in journalism, and worked as a local newspaper reporter prior to her career in real estate.

While working with clients over the years, she listened to their personal struggles and helped guide many of them with new ways to approach life's challenges.  Season 1 features great tips and  life-changing stories from amazing guests.  Season 2 focuses on the reality of real estate. offering the best tips and real estate trends that will help you in your real estate endeavors. You'll hear true stories about how people succeeded in real estate and learn about the costly mistakes and pitfalls to avoid. Season 3 returns to a variety of topics, with real people, true stories, and frank talk that will entertain, inform, and inspire you.